Why Fiori?

Fiori provides a second home ownership model that provides a range of benefits to individuals or companies looking to invest in a vacation property or corporate retreat. A model where up to 8 owners can share not only luxury spaces but the financial burdens of owning a second home as well. Taxes, HOA, utilities, repairs and maintenance will be shared 8 ways allowing owners the opportunity to own and justify a much nicer property than they could own alone. Fiori can help owners by reducing pressures to use and getting quite frankly more home than one could justify or possibly afford alone. Fractional ownership can provide flexibility in terms of usage, allowing owners to use the property for a set amount of time each year without worrying about year-round upkeep. Fiori will manage, maintain, professionally furnish and improve each property while removing the headaches that should not be part of your “getaway” experience.