Why Own Fiori?
The Fiori experience means more luxury for less money, more fun with less stress, more time to play while Fiori manages the things you don’t want to.

Do I really own this home?
Yes, you do. You own a 1/8 fraction in an LLC designed for each property that is dedicated to co-ownership. You own a deeded interest that is both financeable and sellable.

Can I finance the purchase of my share?
Yes, you can finance up to 70% of your purchase price. Fiori can connect you with lenders that will support the financing of your purchase.

How many days will I have in my home each year?
Each 1/8 share has 6 weeks per calendar year in their property. Fiori has designed a scheduling system that is not only fair and equitable, but owner friendly. 

Can I rent/vrbo my share to others?
No. In order to protect your and your co-owner’s investment, the answer is no. However, we encourage you to share your home with friends, family members, business associates, and others that you know and trust. 

Can I keep personal items in my home?
Yes, each owner will have a lockable storage space for personal items. 

Can I sell my share?
Yes. Once all shares of your home are sold and after 12 calendar months, you may sell your share and set your asking price. 

Are pets allowed?
Yes, up to two dogs that are under 70 lbs. No other animals allowed. 

Are Fiori vacation homes furnished?
Yes. Fiori will exceed expectation in furnishings and decor. Furnishings are a major part of our brand; most everything you need and want will be in your home. 

What is the arrival and departure time for owners?
Owners will need to be out of the home by 10:00AM at the end of their stay. Owners can arrive anytime after 3:00PM at the beginning of their stay. This will allow time for the house to be cleaned and inspected.

Are there assigned weeks each year?
No. Your vacation life is flexible and so is Fiori. Each 1/8 share will select 6 weeks per calendar year through a designed system that is both equitable and fair. 

Which services are provided by Fiori?
Managing, maintaining, updating, scheduling repairs, and improving your home, processing and paying taxes, HOA, and insurances. We provide a consistent and dedicated effort to improve the owner experience. 

What if my home gets damaged by me or another owner?
Because Fiori properties are owned and not rented, damage will be rare. In the case that there is damage beyond normal wear and tear or something is missing, the owner that used the home last will be responsible for the cost of repair or replenishment.

Who is responsible for curing normal failures, worn out appliances, HVAC, and rehab of the home when needed?
Fiori management. Costs will be divided and paid by each owned share. 

Does Fiori work with Real Estate agents and brokers?
Yes, happily! Fiori will pay 3% referral commission to participating agents and brokers. Agent or broker must be procuring cause of sale. 

What are the expectations of Fiori owners?
-Treat the home like you own it, because you do.
-Share your days with friends, family, and associates whom you trust to respect your home as much as you do.
-Be a courteous neighbor and be conscientious of noise. 

Who can answer my questions not found on this page?
Click on the “Contact” tab, submit your questions, and we will happily answer.